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Lady Carla Hunt

Ispirational Praise & Worship Leader
Carla Hunt: Forever Praise


Carla Hunt is a Native Californian born in San Deigo and raised in San Francicso.  With the inspiration of God's Holy Spirit Carla has founded St. Center's Women's Conference in May of 2005 called "Living Beyond Yourself"with the hopes of restoring women.  Other Women's Ministries include "CRWINS" Comforting Real Women in Need Sisterhood are the Thursday Night Women's Bible Study conducted Annually for 8 weeks in the Month's of April and May. WOSA aka Women Overcoming Sexual Abuse is a Support Group that came from the need of Women in our local Ministries to recieve help from all types of abusive relationships.  This support group meets weekly.  WOSA will start back on the First Tuesday of August 2011.  Carla A. Hunt's ministry is like a bridge that lead's many women of abusive relationships and brokeness to recieve wholeness and healing through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.